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    Fire Products

    Selecting A Fire Light

    For a firefighter, it is vital to select a light that can endure high temperatures and heavy use, but is not too bulky. Generally, firefighting lights should have a non-metallic body to avoid burns on the skin. They should be easy to turn on and off with gloves, simple in design, lightweight and exceptionally bright. The light should also have a tight, focused beam that reduces the amount of reflected light back to user when looking through smoke, particulate, or water vapor.

    Your best firelight also depends on the kind of firefighting you meet most often.

    Ideal Fire Light Features:

    • Non-Metal Material

    • Easy To Use With Gloves

    • Lightweight / Low Profile

    • Hands-Free

    • Focused/Narrow Beam

    Secondary Backup Lights

    Most firefighters would recommend carrying at least two lights, if not more, on all calls in case of a light failure. These should be safe, durable, waterproof lights that are certified for hazardous situations and will not let you down when you need them. A secondary light is a valuable item to have with you to help you find any lost items.

    Popular Backup Lights

    • 2AAA eLED Penlight I

    • 2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light I

    • 3C Gatorlite