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    The Best Firefighter Flashlight and Helmet Lights for 2021

    Ask yourself:

    Is your flashlight sealed with o rings to prevent moisture, gas or grit from getting inside? Is the battery cover secure? Depending on the terrain, can you easily attach it via spring clip to your turnout gear or helmet to leave your hands free for lifesaving operations?

    Your best firelight also depends on the kind of firefighting you meet most often.

    Ideal Fire Flashlight Features:

    • Non-Metal or Polymer Body

    • Easy To Use With Gloves

    • Lightweight / Low Profile

    • Hands-Free

    • Rechargeable Battery

    • Focused/Narrow Beam

    Secondary Backup Lights

    What's your plan B? A firefighter can't always control every circumstance, but they can always be prepared for the unexpected. A secondary light is a valuable item to have with you for many situations, like helping you to find items that are lost in the rush of the emergency, or to aid those around you in a pinch.

    Most search and rescue professionals recommend carrying at least two lights, if not more, on all calls in case of a light failure. These should be safe, durable, waterproof lights that are certified for hazardous situations and will not let you down when you need them.

    Popular Backup Firefighting Flashlights

    • 2AAA eLED Penlight I

    • 2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light I

    • 3C Gatorlite