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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    tom cramer
    seems alright now we'll see how long it last we need ruff service lights some of the ones from th...

    we need tuff lights at a reasonable price

    Miles Prower
    Works Well

    Durable, works well.

    Lydia Chambers
    Great light worth the money

    For the price, this is a great light. The front light is bright, but its not that bright as I expected, and the bottom light for your feet/walking area is a good touch. That's something I've never seen before on a flashlight. It would be great to have a few of these around the house.

    Richard Cole
    Still a nice light

     I saw this light on Youtube and purchased it. It appeared to be tough and of the right size, with the buttons that are better than most other lights have. It has a nice floodlight that is brighter than I expected, but the flashlight isn't as bright as a small three-cell AAA light I have. I'm keeping it because I like the size and believe the brightness is "good enough." If you buy one of these, don't expect a particularly bright light. Still, I think this a nice light to illuminate your footpath and use it for some simple work tasks.

    Steven Cornell
    UK 4AA Surefoot eLED - Intrinsically Safe Dual Beam Flashlight

    From my bed and exactly 18 feet from my head the apartment that I live in is the Hot Water, that uses Natural Gas from the local Gas Utility Company.
    I have read in many earthquake ( Live in Earthquake County with seven faults close by and even more in a twenty five mile radius) where the experts say to have a flashlight by your bed for earthquake preparedness. I have had to use while I was in the U.S. Navy, Explosion Proof Flashlights on some of the systems that I operated, performed maintenance and repaired. This was in the’70’s-90’s.
    This is the best LED INTRINSICALLY SAFE MADE IN USA, small, lightweight, that takes easy to find AA batteries, sharp yellow plastic, and has two very good beams and the LED temperature is perfect in my opinion for both inside my apartment and also works great outside especially by the Gas Companie’s meter and gas valve, should I ever have to secure it after a earthquake or a fire in the apartment building during the night.