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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Awesome flashlight!

    I have carried a 3 cell AA Underwater Kinetics flashlight on my hip for well over a decade now and it has been fantastic. I use it as a general-purpose light on my farm/ranch and machine shop. They're quite bright and will even work well with batteries that are partially discharged and will no longer perform in other AA electronics. I can't tell you how many hand-me-down batteries my kids have given me that will no longer work in their gadgets but will still give me many hours of good illumination in my UK flashlight. I have never used one underwater so I can't speak to that application. The only problem I've ever had is the switch quitting on one but this was after thousands of cycles so I'm not complaining. All in all two thumbs up!

    Roderick Hansen
    Lightweight & tought flashlight made in the USA

    I purchased this light because it is made in the United States, and I go to great lengths to avoid purchasing something that isn't made in the USA (although I do sometimes buy products from European countries). It's both compact and durable. It shines brightly and operates consistently. It is also water-resistant, and I have successfully used it in the storm.

    Ida Jensen
    Best flashlight!

    This is, without a doubt, the best flashlight I've ever used! One was given to my husband at work. We were both blown away by it, so I ordered one for each of my sons to keep in their cars. I have placed an order for one for myself. It's bright and shines at a good distance, and it's the ideal size.