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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Bill Oliver
    Best flashlight I've ever had

    I wish I had known about UK's range of Intrinsically Safe flashlights when I was working full time. They are extremely compact yet give tremendously bright light, with a long beam.

    Sandra Shaw
    Best ever

    I have a couple of others, but, this is the brightest one of all. Am going to order another one.

    Conductor John
    Best model yet!

    Over my 40 years riding the rails, I had the pleasure of using uk4aa lights exclusively. They offered good , dependable light in a small package. But this latest model is tops. The end switch is easier to operate and seems heavier duty. The light is bright white, focused and shines far enough for my hunting as well as everyday uses.

    Thank you John for sharing your experience with your 4AA RFL flashlight! We are happy to know you are satisfied with this product.

    Joe N
    Very Pleased

    I'm a retired Emergency Services Crash Fire Rescue and we used Under Water Kinetics products my entire career. Always could be depended on when you needed it. I still have my original light at least 25 - 30 years old and works fine. I have total of three. Great product and great company to deal with. No regrets Joe N

    Thanks, Joe! We are also pleased to have such a loyal customer! :)

    Works great and is very lightweight

    I have had several of these lights, stashed them in company trucks and have found them to work flawlessly. If you are looking for a light that fits in your pocket and it's surprisingly bright this is one to consider... Very versatile and durable. With this light, you get what you pay for!