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    • Battery: 2 xAAA Alkaline Disposable

    • Beam Distance: 67m / 218 ft

    • Weight: 3.6 oz / 102.06 g

    • Waterproof (depth): 10 ft / 3 m

    • Dimensions (L/W/H): 5.20 x 0.95 x 0.87 in / 13.21 x 2.41 x 2.21 cm


    1. Protective rubber lens cover and glare reducer
    2. Certified Intrinsically Safe, ATEX
    3. Rubber-covered click ON and OFF or momentary switch
    4. Electrically non-conductive case
    5. Waterproof O-ring seal
    6. Molded pocket clip positioned near the head for easy pocket insertion
    7. ABS and Polycarbonate plastic construction

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Don McLaughlin
    2AAA eLed Penlight

    Great penlight. The compact size fits in a shirt pocket. It is very bright and good for everyday use. I love the one button click and it is on. There is only one mode, so I don't have to constantly cycle through modes that I don't ever use(strobe and low light.) Made in USA. I will definitely buy another one.

    Dear Don McLaughlin,
    Thank you for sharing your positive review of the UK 2AAA eLED Penlight I. We're delighted to hear that its compact size and brightness make it convenient for your everyday use. Your appreciation for the simplicity of one-button operation and the absence of unnecessary modes is duly noted. We take pride in our products being made in the USA. Your intention to purchase another one is truly valued. If you ever have further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

    Kevin Elliott
    Nice light for electrician

    It's fairly simple. I work in a class 1 div 1 environment and since it's made entirely of plastic, it's safe for electrical use. Solidly made. The battery life is excellent.