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    Products Sample Request

    Underwater Kinetics offers 10 lights for sampling:

    [514601] UK4AA RFL eLED / Tail Switch (Safety Yellow)
    [514650] UK4AA Surefoot eLED / 2-Beam
    [510401] UK3AA Lighthouse eLED / 1-Beam / Magnet
    [517007] UK3AAA Vizion i eLED / Rubber Helmet Strap
    [510001] UK3AA CPO eLED / Tail Switch
    [513334] UK2AAA PENLIGHT i eLED
    [509224] UK2AAA MINI POCKET i eLED
    [522109] UK3C Gatorlite eLED
    [514506] UK4AA ZOOM eLED / Front Switch
    [515517] UK2AA eLED / Tail Switch / 2-Power

    These products are shipped directly to you at no cost; you pay for the shipping only. 

    The sampling limitations include:

    • 1 piece per product;
    • up to 2 products per order.

    To sample UWK products you will need to submit a product sample request below. 

    For more information, read our Products Sample FAQ under the request form. 

    Products Sample FAQ

    What is Underwater Kinetics sample policy?

    Underwater Kinetics is pleased to offer product samples to qualified customers. Samples normally ship within 48 hours if in stock.

    Which Underwater Kinetics products can I sample?

    The following 10 products are currently available. Products not on this list may still be purchased through Underwater Kinetics ecommerce platform, or through an authorized US or international distributor.

    Which countries are allowed to place sample requests?

    Sample requests from countries with existing distribution will be referred to the regional distribution partner unless otherwise specified.

    How many pieces am I allowed to request?

    1 piece (each) of up to 2 products. 

    How much do product samples cost?

    Samples are free of charge to qualified applicants, though shipping rates still apply.  

    Who is qualified to get samples?

    Business owners and official representatives of organizations interested in using and/or reselling our products.

    How do I know if you received my sample request?

    You will receive an acknowledgement email. Allow up to 48 hours for processing. If you do not receive the order acknowledgment, please email our Customer Service department or give us a call at 858-513-9100 x 217.

    Are all samples shipped as requested?

    Underwater Kinetics reserves the right to cancel sample orders in cases of misuse or misrepresentation.

    Shipping Options/Time Frame

    How do I track my samples shipment?

    A tracking number will be sent to you via email. If this information has not appeared on the courier's website, please try again 1 or 2 days later, or contact us at 858-513-9100 x 217.

    What is the method of shipment for Underwater Kinetics samples?

    UPS Ground or Best Way.

    Is weekend shipment available?

    No. Sample orders placed over the weekend will leave the following work week. 

    How is the delivery date determined?

    Sample ship on a first come first served basis. Most standard shipments are delivered in 3-8 business days via UPS Ground. For international shipping delivery time varies. If special consideration is needed, please confirm your delivery requirements with our customer support representative on a confirmation call.