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Ultra Violet Lights


See Corals & Critters Like Never Before!

Amaze yourself by seeing new colors not normally revealed in the beam of your old tag along dive light. Recently you may have heard that some resorts are beginning to offer what’s called a Fluorescent Dive or “Flo Dive” where night divers are given UV lights that transform the reef into a spectacular show of color, just like the UV posters of yore. This phenomenon is relatively new to divers but, in fact, scientists have been observing this reaction for years. It is only recently that advances in technology have allowed the world of UV to be brought into the mainstream diving industry.

How Does It Work?

Chemical compounds contained in the tissue of these animals (mostly corals) react to the UV light causing them to fluoresce in brilliant reds, purples and greens. The results can be quite amazing. 


I Heard You Need A Yellow Filter?

This is one of the first comments we hear when talking about Ultra Violet diving but to understand the answer, you have to get a little technical… In the chart below you can see 2 kinds of UV LED lights: A blue version with a wavelength of 455 nm and an ultra violet one with a wavelength of 395 nm. Each has its own set of advantages.  


Blue - 455 (nm) LED

In the beginning of the UV trend, the only lights available fell in the wavelength of about 455 (nm), which, as you can see in the chart above, is still within the spectrum of “visible light”. This light did the job of causing the corals to fluoresce, but it could also create so much visible blue light that it sometimes diminished the impact of the glowing colors. To combat this, divers learned to use a yellow filter which cut back the excess blue, while still allowing the fluorescent colors to shine through. (See example photos below) 

UV - 395 (nm) LED, No Filter Needed!

Recently, advances in technology have made possible a new version of the UV LED which has a wavelength just outside the spectrum of visible light at about 395 (nm). This LED still causes marine life to put on their fluorescent show but since it is nearly invisible to the naked eye, only the glowing colors are revealed. The reef is still bathed in UV light…you just can’t see it! Bottom line… no yellow filter needed.

UK Aqualite and SL4 Are Available with UV Light Heads

Both the Aqualite and the SL4 eLED are available in the 395 (nm) LED option. If you already own an Aqualite, you can simply purchase a replacement UV lamp head that will integrate with the light you already own.



Aqualite-S Compact Fluorescent Ultra Violet Scuba Diving Light

Aqualite-S UV-395 Ultra Violet Dive Light

This powerful UV light willl make for a fantastic diving experience. The powerful 395nm light creates a beautiful fluorescent effect. An easy push button tail switch makes the light easy to operate, and it's very compact and lightweight, making it easy to take along on any dive.

Custom Foam

Aqualite 90 UV-395 (Lamp Head Only)

The ultra wide angle / UV beam head is compatible with all Aqualite products. Add it to your collection of Aqualite lamp heads. They all interchange, so you'll be sure to have exactly the type of light you need for the dive.

Custom Foam

SL4 eLED L1 - UV-395

The popular SL4 eLED is now available with a UV-395 LED. Perfect for spotting glowing marine life with its narrow, intense beam.