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Selecting An Industrial Light

Hands-Free Light

Select a UK Fire Light

Learn which Industrial Light is right for your job application

Working in demanding professional environments presents unique challenges every day. Proper tools are required to do the job safely and accurately. With more than four decades of experience in manufacturing excellence, UK provides industry leading lighting solutions for industrial, utility and refinery applications that you can count on.

When your tools are so important for your job, how do you choose the right light? This guide is here to help you make that choice. The right light for you depends on the specific nature of your work and your personal preferences. Below, we go through each important feature in an industrial flashlight, beginning with the major categories of work lights available.

Types of Industrial Lights

We’ve provided the entire list of UK Industrial Lights. Considering personal safety and environmental factors is critical when selecting an industrial light, so we’ve also outlined the different styles and functions to help you choose the best industrial light for your situation.

Hands-Free 4AA LightsHands-Free 4AA Lights

Hands-Free Lights

Sometimes working and holding a flashlight are impossible to do. If you are working in a junction box or turning a valve or just carrying other equipment, it can be difficult to also control your flashlight. UK offers more options for hard hat and fire helmet attachments for our products than any other manufacturer. And once the light is on your head, it will follow your line of sight, wherever you turn and look.

The perfect Hands-Free Lights, UK’s 4AA, 3AA and 2AA lights can be attached to helmets or hard hats using a number of helmet clip options. The Nitex Pro Rechargeable light comes with its own Nitex helmet clip, which is the only clip of its kind that allows the light to be easily removed with a one-handed motion for use as a handheld light for close-up or inspection work. This rugged light was built to specifications provided by firefighters, so you know it will stand the test of the most challenging environments.

Gatorlite 3C eLED UK300

Heavy Duty Work Lights

Our certified industrial lights are the premiere tools of the trade for contractors, utility workers, water departments, maintenance crews, and anyone else who has to battle low light environments and unpredictable conditions are part of the job.

The UK Gatorlite 3C eLED boasts uncompromising performance, offering a bright 125 lumens for a tremendous runtime of more than 30 hours. You never want your light to run out on you on a job, and with this kind of performance it is never a worry. The Gatorlite boasts a tight and focused beam so you know nearby personnel are never affected by your light.

The UK300 Xenon also runs on 3C batteries and is a classic rugged work light with a Xenon lamp. Both lights are powered by 3 long-lasting C-cell batteries, making their high performance also highly affordable. The GatorLite also employs our TRS technology where batteries are kept warm for greater efficiency in cold climates, allowing it to function in very low temperatures.

Industrial Mini Lights Industrial Mini Lights

2AAA Mini Lights

When you don’t want to carry around a heavier light and need a low-profile industrial light solution, look no further than our Penlights and Mini Pocket Lights. Easily tucked away in a shirt pocket, the Penlights are compact, durable and waterproof, and come with numerous safety certifications, making them a wise choice for any workplace. Our 2AAA eLED Penlight I is 3 times brighter than other penlights, and comes with a molded pocket clip for easy storage when not in use.

UK’s 2AAA Mini Lights are another popular low-profile solution for demanding environments. They come with a nylon clip that easily attaches to hard hats or caps, or can be carried on a key ring to always have light available. With the choice of both LED and Xenon configurations, there’s a Mini Pocket Light for all situations, including environments that require a Class I Div I certification. It’s also ideal for clipping to a hardhat because of its light weight, meaning it doesn’t tilt the hat for maximum comfort.

Industrial Right Angle LightsIndustrial Right Angle Lights

Right-Angle Options

When you’re working in a junction box, under the hood of a car, or in any confined space, you want to be able to see what you are doing. With the right-angle feature to our 4AA lights, you can rotate the angle of the beam to point exactly where you want it. The beam head can be turned 360 degrees, so you can set the light down on the ground and point the light anywhere you need it, or carry it in your chest pocket and point the light directly ahead. Wherever you need light, need the use of your hands, and a head-mounted light is not an option, the right-angle accessory provides maximum flexibility for your work.


Hotstick Tools

UK’s award winning LitFinger and LitLink hotstick tools are some of the most popular products in the utility field. With their bright, unbreakable 1-watt LED lights, they make carrying large spot lights to distant work sites unnecessary. The blast tested, waterproof, lightweight and durable lights make your job easier and safer at night or in bad weather. The wide angle light illuminates the entire target area.

The LitFinger is a radically improved version of a brass finger tool that attaches to any manufacturer’s hot stick with extension for hanging stick from aerial structures. It makes fuse barrel replacement immeasurably safer and easier.