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Chemical Resistant Lights

Unlike metal lights or regular plastic flashlights on the market today, UK's new proprietary Chemical Resistant Lights are now resistant to many common industrial chemicals.

While other lights may degrade or suffer performance issues when exposed to these chemicals present at many workplaces, our new lights will stand the test of time even with long term exposure to these compounds.

These common industrial chemicals include:



All these lights are chemical resistant and waterproof, making them highly durable and appropriate for heavy use in all-weather conditions and more applications than ever.

UK's new Chemical Resistant Lights are easy to tell apart by their striking red color, as well as some with extraordinary labels that help it stand out from any other flashlight.  

First to come out of this type is a 4AA eLED Red, and the forthcoming Vizion, and then the 3C Herculite lights.

Herculite 4AA produces 180 lumens of light with an 8 hour run time. It outshines, outlasts, and outclasses the competition.

As always, the 4AA lights are also suitable for hands-free work, as they mount easily to all hard hats and work helmets with the aid of UK's helmet clips. 

As part of the new release, UK has also released two stylish new labeled lights - the Industrial Label, and Eagle Label for some added personality in the lights. They also showcase how the lights are proudly Made in USA by Underwater Kinetics.


UWK Herculite Made in USA

Quality and reliability are of the upmost importance for UK, and for that reason we have manufactured, designed, and assembled all our lights in the United States since 1971, and continue to do so today.

The Herculite series additionally celebrates our home with the patriotic Eagle Label Edition, which showcases an iconic symbol of America on the light.

Show off the love for your country with the Made in USA or Eagle light and impress all the guys at the shop with its design and impressive brightness.