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Firefighter Lights


Safety Certified Helmet Lights

Hands-Free Lights

UK pioneered the manufacture of special mounts to side attach lights on firefighter helmets. UK helmet mounted lights and our other hands-free lights produce penetrating beams that cut through smoke while being lightweight and extremely tough.

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Search and Rescue Lights

Search/Rescue Lights

UK is the world’s largest producer of diving lights. Our experience allows us to create high-powered search and rescue lights that work in the most hostile environments. Our lights are smaller, lighter, and brighter than others on the market.

Safety Certified Lights

Certified Lights

Certified for use in hazardous locations, our rugged certified lights (class 1 division 1, class 1 division 2) help make your job safer.

Mini Lights

Mini Lights

When powerful light is needed for inspecting a small, tight space, UK’s Mini Pocket and Pen lights are ideal.

CPO Light Technology

Compound Path Optics

Cuts through smoke to improve visibility

The unique design of the CPO reflector captures the light and focuses it into a brighter and more narrow beam with almost no "spill light". This greatly improves your visibility through smoke and dust. The sharp cut off in light also prevents accidentally blinding others.

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We invented the high powered compact flashlight

In 1974, UK shook the flashlight world with the introduction of the Super Q Light. Even today, UK has maintained its lead as the maker of the smallest, lightest, brightest lights in their class. UK lights are also more efficient and run longer for the same brightness.

Helmet Clips

A Clip for Every Helmet

We have helmet clips that fit on practically any helmet on the market. Firemen around the world prefer UK lights on their helmets. We offer more than a dozen different models of clips.

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Safety Certifications

Safety Certified

Our line of safety certified lights are rigorously tested to American, Canadian, and European standards. These lights are essential safety tools for firefighters in the field.

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