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Intrinsically Safe Lights

Safety rated work lights for hazardous conditions by UK

Safety Rated and Intrinsically Safe Flashlights


In some working environments, lights are needed that can be safely operated when explosive gases, liquids, dusts, or fibers are present. To put it simply, flashlights that are safety certified are designed in such a way that they will not be a source of ignition in hazardous environments.

Certification is divided into Divisions, Classes and Groups - check the table below for a full explanation of these concepts.

  • DIVISION 1 : Hazard Likely". This is a location where an ignitable concentration of flammable material is present under normal operation conditions.
  • DIVISION 2 : "Hazard Not Likely". This is a location where an ignitable concentration of flammable material is present under abnormal conditions, but where a fire or explosion could occur.

This rating is further broken down into Classes, which depend on the type of flammable material the flashlight might encounter.

  • CLASS 1 : Flammable gases, vapors, and liquids - for instance petroleum refineries, utility gas plants, gasoline storage facilities etc.
  • CLASS 2 : Combustible dusts - for example grain elevators, coal preparation plants, etc.
  • CLASS 3 : Ignitable fibers and flyings - for instance textile mills or plants that create sawdust

All intrinsically safe lights are rated Class 1, Division 1. All of UK's Intrinsically Safe lights are rated Division 1, and Class 1,2,3.

Read more about all the certified lights below, or see the full list of intrinsically safe products.

What is an Intrinsically Safe Flashlight - Graphic

Safety ratings also include a temperature rating, split in to classes T1 - T6. The temperature codes indicate the maximum surface area temperature of the equipment that can come into contact with hazardous materials. These only apply to Class 1 and Class 2 locations. 

Safety certification temperature codes for intrinsically safe flashlights

3AA and 4AA eLED Work Lights 

These powerful intrinsically safe rated flashlights match powerful performance with sleek design. Extremely bright for their light weight and small size, they are some of the most popular work lights in demanding environments. Both the 3AA eLED and 4AA eLED are available with front or tail switches, and mounts for attaching to any helmet or hardhat for hands- free performance

4AA Intrinsically Safe Industrial Flashlight UK 3AA eLED Hands Free Helmet Mounted Light

The AA lights are waterproof and particularly suitable to cold environments thanks to UK's celebrated Thermal Recovery System, which recycles heat generated by the LED to warm the batteries for improved performance. 

Vizion I - Industrial LED Headlamp 

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Intrinsically Safe Headlamp is the world's first headlamp built specifically for utility, industrial, and refinery applications.

The contoured rubber strap securely grips a helmet or hard hat, enabling hands free operation for the demands of the job. 

   Hands-free industrial headlamp hardhat in rain

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp is also the first headlamp to have a rotation light and lens that moves up and down without the use of a plastic hinge so it is extra durable. Whatever challenges your work environment present, our waterproof, rugged 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp can take them, all the while providing bright, long-lasting light.



3C Gatorlite Heavy Duty Work Light 

The 3C Gatorlite is a true heavy duty work light for the most demanding environments. Safety rated Class 1, Division 1, it shoots out an impressive 125 lumens for a massive 32 hour runtime. You'd be hard pressed to find another 3C work light out there with better battery life!

Clips to a belt or pocket for easy access when needed. The large push button tail switch is easy to operate even with heavy gloves. 

The Gatorlite is waterproof for all weather use, and the TRS technology makes it ideal for cold environments. 

Gatorlite heavy duty intrinsically safe worklight


UK 2AAA Mini Pocket Light and Penlight 

The UK2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light  and UK 2AAA Penlight I deliver an incredible amount of light from a truly compact and lightweight package. The MPL includes a small clip that attaches to almost anything. Clip the 2AAA Mini Pocket Light to your baseball cap, hard hat, or bump cap and leave your hands free to get the job done. 

The Penlight I clips easily to your pocket or belt strap, and provides light in tight places when you need it. Safety rated for hazardous environments to get the hardest jobs done.

Also check out the Fiber Optic Beamguide attachment for specialized applications.

UK mini pocket light intrinsically safe flashlight