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UK releases new 2AA helmet light

Underwater Kinetics announced today that the new 2AA Helmet Light is ready for delivery. The high intensity flashlight is designed for use on the side of helmets and hard hats using UK and other after-market helmet attachment clamps. The side mounting system stays out of the way when protective goggles or visors are used with the helmet.

The UK 2AA is rated by UL and CSA for Class I Division 2 locations. A Xenon filled 400 mA lamp provides 10.7 lumens of illumination for 4-5 hours using 2 disposable alkaline AA cells. The light incorporates a snap action rubber covered thumb switch with continuous or momentary actuation. Also included is the new UK pivoting contact system for easy battery "drop-in" replacement. The light case, which is made from high impact ABS and polycarbonate plastics, passes the UL 30 foot drop- to-concrete test. Although the size of the light measures only 4.2 x 1.5 inches, it provides a powerful beam for many different applications. A rubber cover on the lens prevents side glare and adds extra protection from drops and impacts. A semi-permeable membrane vent is included to prevent the build up of internal gas pressure caused by battery malfunctions. The non-breakable nylon helmet attachment clip is provided as an accessory and includes adapters for a wide variety of helmets configurations. Furthermore, a stainless steel helmet clip, nylon belt pouch and traffic director wand are additional accessories that are available for this light.

Posted on May 1st, 2003