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UK introduces its new improved Penlight S with a rubber protected click switch.

K announced the release of its new UK2AAA eLED Penlight S and UK2AAA Xenon Penlight S. Ideal for close-up inspections, nighttime repairs, or navigating in the dark, the UK2AAA Penlight S is designed for technicians, utility workers, first responders, physicians, paramedics, and other professionals who need a top-quality lighting source. An ultra-lightweight tool that is the brightest in its class, the UK2AAA Penlight S comes with a rubber-covered tail switch and either a high-intensity focused xenon lamp (1.13-watts), or a long-lasting, high-lumen white LED (with a runtime of 20 hours).

One of the most significant innovations of the UK2AAA Penlight S is its unique three-way switch: “full on/off”, “momentary on/off”, and “off”, allowing users to conserve battery life and to generate the right amount of light exactly when they need it. No other product on the market offers this feature.

About the size of a pen and weighing only five ounces, the UK2AAA Penlight S eLED has a rubber sheath molded over by an optically corrected bezel, which reduces glare and focuses the beam. This feature delivers an even circular beam that fully illuminates a work area.

“Individuals who need a penlight know firsthand that the product must produce a sharp beam and be durable and reliable. The UK2AAA Penlight S meets the needs of the most demanding professionals,” said Alan Uke, president of UK.

Made of a non-conductive polycarbonate case, the UK2AAA Penlight S is resistant to grease and many chemicals. Its durable casing makes the product extremely rugged and ideal for a myriad of uses.

The UK2AAA Penlight S is waterproof and is submersible up to ten feet. Two AAA batteries power it. The xenon version is safety approved by the UL.

Posted on September 26th, 2005

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