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UK begins shipping white LED 2AAA Mini-Pocket Light

Underwater Kinetics began shipping the first of a series of flashlights which feature a high intensity white LED as the light source. The light is called the UK2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light.

The most unique feature of this light compared to competitors is the type of beam it projects. Rather than producing a bright center spot which fades quickly to dark, the UK2AAA eLED projects a soft edged disk of even illumination. This is made possible by a compound lens optical system designed specially for the 2AAA eLED. From a distance of 24 inches the beam is about 6-7 inch in diameter or about 16 degrees. This type of illumination is very useful when trying to read a map or view a work area up close.

A built-in current rugulation circuit insures constant light output and long lamp life. 2 alkaline AAA batteries provide 20 Hours of high brigntness illumination before the light drops to a lower level glow.

A Nylon clip is included for attaching the light to safety glasses or the brim of a cap for task illumination.

The o-ring sealed, corrosion proof, ABS and polycarbonate case is waterproof and available in yellow, black and transparant blue colors.

Posted on February 1st, 2003

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