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6-Watt eLED Dive Lights ready for shipment

Divers can now use the first single emitter 6-watt LED dive lights to view the incredible diversity of marine life hidding under dark ledges. Light from the eLED is similar in color to sunlight and travels farther underwater than conventional dive lights. In the rough and tumble world of diving LEDs will not break and allow batteries to last longer. The sunlight eLED dive lights are available in 4 C-cell and 8 C-cell models. Both lights include a high and low power switch, rubber bezel protector and lanyard as well as the availability of optional rechargeable nicad packs. Finally, divers wishing to upgrade older models of the C4 and C8 lights can purchase the eLED module as a replacement for their twin-lamp module.

Posted on January 28th, 2004

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